Emergency Resources Q&A

1. Forgot Password?

2. Skooler Training Directions

3. Office 365 Remote Learning Resources

4. See the Immersive Reader demo and if any of your students have Internet access, you can provide directions for them to use this feature in Office 365 and the Edge browser.
Immersive Reader

5. Tutor.com added to DISCUS

Please share with your students.
I would not advise students to use resources in Tutor.com that require an account.
See highlighted section below.

Due to the recent school closings related to the COVID-19 virus, the State Library has temporarily added tutor.com to Discus until June 30, 2020 with real time tutoring from 8am-10pm Sunday – Saturday.


Tutor.com is located on the A-Z list in Discus https://www.scdiscus.org/discus-resources as well as the Grade Level pages.

Please note: Some of the services available in Tutor.com require the creation of a personal account.

6. EverFi Information

Teacher/Student Set-Up Directions
EverFi in South Carolina Remote Learning

7. First Book

First Book, a national nonprofit that gets books, education materials, and other life essentials to children in need has a new, immediate mission—get seven million books to kids whose schools are closed but don't have books at home or internet access.

The organization that serves a network of more than 450,000 educators who serve low-income communities is asking for help, as well as offering educators to sign up and share their funding needs.

First Book has also created a new and constantly updated resource for educators, parents, and students looking for help with remote learning or just getting through this unprecedented situation.


8. Assistive Technology for Everyone

Assistive Technology is for everyone!! Immersive Reader would be great to use with any student who has Internet access. They can use the features on any device. Windows 10 features are if they have Windows 10 at home.

​9. Internet Access

You may wish to share with your students if needed. I have not  received any information from Verizon.

Since not everyone at home has internet service, several internet providers and wireless companies have announced measures to offer free or discounted Wi-Fi during the ongoing outbreak. Companies like Charter/SpectrumALTICE USAComcast and AT&T.

10. Textbook Software

If you use any of the textbook sites and any of your students are having issues. It has the software information they need and/or links to be able to download the correct plugin versions.

Pearson Realize

ThinkCentral and Holt McDougal Online (my.hrw.com)


11. Virtual Field Trips

Virtual Field Trip Links

Here are a list of sites that may help you find materials for your students.

Please remember not to have students sign up for or log into any site that has not been approved by the district.

Also, be careful of signing up for any site that says free trial… 


https://stories.audible.com/start-listen   Audible books is free while schools are closed



















12. i-Ready Information

i-Ready does not support use on a phone.

Also, remind any students that you are having use i-Ready, they must use the Chrome browser.

Having trouble with i-Ready?
Do a system check


13. TumbleMath and TeenBookCloud

During this time of school closings and students learning from home due to COVID-19, TumbleBooks CEO Ron Zevy has made TumbleMath and TeenBookCloud accessible for free through August 31, 2020. Access from the Grade Levels pages or Discus A-Z page at https://www.scdiscus.org/discus-resources.  

14. Communication with Students/Parents

T.I.M. Directions

1. Please remember not to communicate with students with their personal email address. Use their school email.

2. If you get a different phone number for a parent, please put in a webticket so we can make than change in PowerSchool for calls or texts that may go out.

3. If you have an issue with a school tablet at home, please put in a webticket and will be monitoring tickets and will

help you.
4. The directions for using T.I.M. (SchoolMessenger) to contact parents is linked above. You may also put in a webticket to put out a call of you do not wish to do it yourself.

​15. Teaching Remotely for Grades K-12

Keep students academically active with 20 days of meaningful learning journeys.

16. ETV At Home Learning

You may wish to include some of these programs for your instruction for students at home.

17. Office Training

If you need some help or any of your students who are using Office at home, here is a link to training resources you can share with any student who needs help with any projects you may assign.

18. Study Island Materials K-12

19. Emergency Learning Lesson Assistance Websites

Use these if you are able to use any eLearning with your students.

20. Skooler Information

User Login Directions
New Assignment Directions

21. FERPA and Student Privacy

We have been made aware by the Federal Government that FERPA and Student Data Privacy are still in effect.

1. Please treat all student information as if you were at school. You should be very careful with any student data/information at home so that any other member of your family is not seeing this data/information.

2. Do not utilize or recommend any websites to students that require them to create accounts. Use district resources that have been reviewed for data privacy.

3. We do not recommend that you utilize any “free” trials or websites that require you to create a login unless you have read all of the fine print and fully understand the information. There are always many scams but we are sorry to say there are many more going on now.  We have been told by FERPA in Washington that you can be held accountable for these so called free trials if you are not careful. That is why we recommend not to do that. We try very hard to protect you.

22. DISCUS and Tutor.com


Important Information about Discus and Tutor.com

Discus is temporarily offering Tutor.com to our K-12 partners until June 30, 2020.

Students are not required to create an account to access a tutor and students are not allowed to have e-mail correspondence with Tutor.com tutors in any capacity in compliance of COPAA guidelines.

Students using the drop off essay or drop off math tools will get a notification from Tutor.com when the asynchronous review is complete.

23. Bound to Stay Bound

Bound to Stay Bound has put together pages of resources that they plan to update daily.

Please do not recommend any sites that require students to create logins

There are a lot of resources here

24. DISCUS Updates & Training Opportunities

Access live tutoring, math storybooks, and more through Discus


Temporary access to tutoring_ math_ and teen ebooks and triangle shaped image of Discus

With school closings around the state due to the COVID-19 situation, Discus has temporarily acquired access to new vendor-provided and state-funded resources. Learn about them all in this issue of our newsletter. Access all three resources from the A-Z List or By Grade Level tabs at www.scdiscus.org.
- TumbleMath
- TeenBookCloud
- tutor.com

New Discus access to tutor.com now through June 30, 2020


Discus log above blue tutor.com logo_ a service of The Princeton Review

Connect with a live tutor, submit a paper for review, or drop-off a math question using tutor.com. K-12 students in South Carolina may use these services free of charge. 

Live tutoring is available 8:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m., seven days per week. 

The test prep tools and skill-building videos are accessible 24 hours a day, seven days per week. Access tutor.com from any computer or mobile device connected to the Internet. Some features require the user to create a personal account. This free service is made possible by the South Carolina State Library through June 30, 2020. 

Free access to TumbleMath now through August 2020   


TumbleMath logo in red_ yellow_ green_ and blue colors

Use animated story books to help with math teaching and learning! TumbleMath is targeted to grades K - 6. 

Browse playlists for Manga Math, Math Matters, and more! Access books in 14 categories from counting to word problems, geometry, probability, and more. TumbleMath is made available free to Discus through August 31, 2020 by the CEO Ron Zevy of TumbleBooks.

Engage your teens in reading with TeenBookCloud now through
August 31, 2020


Teen Book Cloud logo with blue arrow

From O. Henry's Gift of the Magi, to Orwell's Animal Farm, and from middle school fiction to popular teen reads, TeenBookCloud provides your grade 7 - 12 students and YA and teen library patrons with access to well-stocked online bookshelves! Find fiction, non-fiction, classics, drama and poetry, AP English, eBooks, graphic novels, audiobooks, and videos in this collection.  Free access is provided through August 31, 2020 for Discus by CEO Ron Zevy of TumbleBooks.

25. Khan Academy​          

Teacher Information
Student Login

26. Entering Grades for Student Work

We have had questions about how to enter information into PowerTeacher for work that students have completed while we are out.

As soon as we receive information from the State Department of Education, we will let you know how to proceed.

Please do not attempt to enter any grades at this time.